Awareness team nominated!

tagline_orange_bigThe purpose of the UNV Online Volunteering Award is to recognize online volunteers’ contributions towards achieving the MDGs, to showcase the many ways in which online volunteers can strengthen the capacities of organizations and to demonstrate the difference volunteers can make to peace and development projects by sharing their time, skills and expertise over the Internet.

The Association of African Entrepreneurs is nominating the Awareness Team for the 2013 UNV Online Volunteering Award for contributing to raising awareness and funds for the AAE E-Coaching Project!
The collaboration of these volunteers over the the past years has built a ground-foundation towards generating the funds to set the ball rolling towards achieving the overall goal, which is to building a permanent resident for the in-house training of local entrepreneurs.

“I am impressed with the proposed project of Association of Africa Entrepreneurs on the E-coaching center and I would like them to replicate this same project to neighbouring nations around and to continue on the course to enhance the capacity of youth entrepreneurs which I think can reduce the rate of unemployment in the region” Muhammad Awwal Jibril, Awareness Volunteer.

“AAE has been doing very useful and significant work to protect and promote the entrepreneurial spirit in Africa, especially with small establishments. As a student of law in India, I feel the need to contribute to society in some way and this opportunity provides me one. Not only does it give me a chance to look at another culture, it provides me with an opportunity to learn through my work. It interests me particularly because of my interest in business and finance.” Nidhi Modani, Awareness Volunteer


Sharique Hassan Manazir
Kokou Sodjine Aziagbedo
Muhammad Awwal Jibril
Graziella Scudu
Kennedy Kimani
Jay Lockwood
Christine Murugami
Filippo Gentili
Brenda Mwale
jean baptiste Kattie
Hamsini Srinivasan
Pooja Sundaresh
Nidhi Modani
Ratna Hartiningtyas
Shai Kupar Kharpuri War
Habibah Sanusi
Parinay Diwan
Dr. Sunita Pradhan
Alain Clair Kouyang
Nikhil Sharma
Liva Stokenberga
Nate Patikiri
nawel chouaki
Ramakanta Sahu
Ivie Eke
karmini sharma
neville mwalimo
joseph kuria
Gloria Adero
Luca Mershed
Jen Nee Goh
Lontse Fomekong

Congratulations and Good Luck, Team! We hope you get selected this year!

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