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Unemployment is one of the most serious problems…

imagesUnemployment is one of the most serious problems facing the African continent, affecting especially the youth who cover close to between 60% and 70% of the continents population. The response of the Association of African Entrepreneurs is to educate and provide a range of services to enrich the lives of young entrepreneurs

Young African entrepreneurs CAN be an essential component of Africa’s wealth creation. They could help grow prosperity in African communities. They CAN be part of the solution to alleviating poverty. They are a vital piece of a puzzle that cannot be completed by government and international NGOs alone. However, for young entrepreneurs to achieve this success it is necessary to foster a productive space: one in which information is freely available and cooperation is widespread and encouraged.

AAE is partnering all territorial actors in designing new and durable solutions to the youth employment challenge by offering local support and E-Coaching Programs. Current actors include the Youth Employment Network (YEN), Zidisha Microfinance, UN Online Volunteering Program amongst others. The YEN program matches internationally experienced mentors to young entrepreneurs (YEs). Zidisha offers offer microlending to young entrepreneurs to start or expand a business.

These variety of support and co-operation activities could help businesses grow, compete, and internationalize : empowering young entrepreneurs to contributes to Africa’s social and economic development on a long-term basis.

Get involved. Donate or spread the word  on  E-Coaching And Support For Young Entrepreneurs

Lend money, Reap happiness

So when you deposit those 100 USD with a bank and get back 160 USD by the end of that year (interest at 6% p .a) ,you hardly realize where that money actually goes right?

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Month’s Surprises

This September, we’ll be offering awesome prizes (airplane tickets, a flip cam, and more!) for supporters who create fundraiser pages and raise money for AAE Projects.

The GlobalGiving fundraiser tool makes it easy for supporters to raise money for our project! Supporters can set their own fundraising goals, reach out to family and friends, and track their fundraising progress.

So how is this going to work? All you need to do is to Create a fundraiser page on GlobalGiving

If you raise at least $500 from at least 10 donors you’ll receive an additional $50 match for the project from GlobalGiving and become eligible for prizes—airline tickets, flip cam, and more!!

Make sure to visit an AAE Project page and click  the “Add to Fundraiser” link on the right-hand side of the page (you may have to scroll down a bit to find it.

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Awareness team nominated!

tagline_orange_bigThe purpose of the UNV Online Volunteering Award is to recognize online volunteers’ contributions towards achieving the MDGs, to showcase the many ways in which online volunteers can strengthen the capacities of organizations and to demonstrate the difference volunteers can make to peace and development projects by sharing their time, skills and expertise over the Internet.

The Association of African Entrepreneurs is nominating the Awareness Team for the 2013 UNV Online Volunteering Award for contributing to raising awareness and funds for the AAE E-Coaching Project!
The collaboration of these volunteers over the the past years has built a ground-foundation towards generating the funds to set the ball rolling towards achieving the overall goal, which is to building a permanent resident for the in-house training of local entrepreneurs. Read the rest of this entry »

How to track donations made through your promotional efforts

Are you spreading the word on AAE to donors?

There is a way to track donations received by AAE through your promotional efforts.


Create a Global Giving Fundraiser Account

A Global Giving Fundraiser Account allows your donors to  to recognize your personal attachment to the AAE Project. Set up your account in two easy steps:

  1. Create a GlobalGiving user account on Global Giving
  2. Visit the AAE GlobalGiving Project Page and click  the “Add to Fundraiser” link on the right-hand side of the page (you may have to scroll down a bit to find it.



Use chat to connect with potential donors

Some believe that e-mail is losing popularity and could soon become obsolete.  Why? Because many people  who send messages prefer to have a response in  seconds and do nor like like to wait  hours or even minutes. Also, with emails,  a letter writing, introductory  and concluding greetings are often expected. But many people consider such formalities to be boring and time-consuming. They prefer messages, which does not require the protocols of e-mail.
Do your online friends have the patience to read lengthy email text?
If not, use online chat to connect. Bring the Short URL ( ) up in conversation, and politely ask them to consider donating as little as $10 to the project.

4 ways donors can give through GG

 GlobalGiving does not accept cash donations of any amount or in-kind donations.  Donors can give to our project through GlobalGiving in  these ways:

  1. U.S. donors can give via credit card, debit card, PayPal, check, or a direct bank to bank transfer. These donations are tax deductible for U.S. donors only.
  2. International donors can give also via credit card, debit card, or PayPal
  3. International donors can give via check but only if the amount is more than 100 U.S. dollars or equivalent in your local currency. Checks of smaller amounts will not be accepted.
  4. International donors can give via wire transfer. As a note, GlobalGiving does not cover any of the associated wire transfer fees.

Miss these lessons NOT!

So, you would like to spread the word to help raise funds to support AAE’s  work? Then miss these five important lessons:

Lesson 1 – Introduction & Sum

The first step to kick-starting your fundraising campaign, this articles gives an introduction to Global Giving as a whole, pros and cons of AAE’s fundraising strategies (hear from the earlier batch of fundraisers) and some tips to make your campaign a success!

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Sample Appeal Letters

Take a hint from our fellow challenge participant and use any of the sample appeal letters when contacting potential donors

Jason Hahn, Alaska Sudan Medical Project, says:
“We have had the most success making personal appeals… not through mass e-mails but one-on-one requests. Also, even if people cannot donate, ask them to share your Facebook page and the link in e-mails.”




Be Personal

Kay Helm from Friends of TOUCH is a participant of this Open Challenge. On Bonus Day, her project raised $2,560! Kay explained her success  and said:

“We made some very personal requests by phone call, email, and private messages  on Facebook. The key is that we were very personal. These messages were not to a list – just to a handful of people we thought would respond.”