This is a report based on my volunteering work for the Association of African
Entrepreneurs to promote its project and help raise funds.
Project: ‘Building E-Coaching Centres’ for Local Entrepreneurs
I worked during the course of the project’s fundraising to earn a permanent spot on global  giving as well as establish awareness and raise money for building a learning environment for the locals in Ghana, from November to December 2012 during which a total of $580.
My participation in the Global Challenge was mainly to promote the AAE’s E-Coaching Centre on various social media networking and forum sites, and at the end of it all $580 was raised. Although this was not the main target, this was the fourth attempt and it did help gain a permanent spot on Global Giving which ultimately means the organisation is awarded the spot to keep on raising funds indefinitely.
Raising funds under a time frame online is much of a challenge than on the ground, organising bake sales and so on. In order to make it work, a number of social media sites were used to search and target not just anyone who would learn about AAE and its project, but specific people like public figures and organisations. Twitter was the primary tool through which I was able to reach people, tell them about Association of African Entrepreneurship and the current project in which an e-coaching centre needs to be built for communities in Ghana.
It was a pleasure working with AAE knowing that my efforts were instrumental in making a difference. The first thing that caught my attention was the project itself, centred around helping locals and local entrepreneurs and giving an extra time, I may be donating my time sometime soon to help some more.
For anyone reading this report out there, it would be grossly appreciated if you considered donating to this project by visiting the AAE GlobalGiving donation page on:

Thank you to the personnel at Association of African Entrepreneurs. On behalf of Africans in particular, thank you.
Habibah Haruna Sanusi.

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