Our members are an essential component of wealth creation. They help grow prosperity in communities and nations. In turn, their actions are part of the solution to alleviating poverty. They are a vital piece of this puzzle that cannot be completed by government and international NGOs alone.
However, for entrepreneurs to achieve success it is necessary to foster a productive business environment.

Starting July this year, we are happy to announce that AAE will start releasing new reports that will analyse and reflect on the current state of the business environments of various African countries. Titled in pursuit of the theme of Entrepreneurs in Africa: Hopes and Mirages, this compilation will comprise a plethora of reports that will serve to:

  • Explode myths and offer a panoramic glimpse at reality
  • Offer explorations of the business and  entrepreneurial climate in African nations
  • Dedicate considerable information to the new entrepreneur and investor in Africa’s nations through business.

An award winning organisation, the AAE, has one again redefined the very essence of entrepreneurship in Africa by providing for the intellectual and entrepreneurial needs of the resource rich continent. Through its myriad endeavours, AAE has shown the world that Africa is neither poor, nor poorly managed: the potential for success and advancement is slowly being realised fruitfully.

Access to the content would be available through the text and download sections that would contain PDF or word version of the articles. Printed versions can be accessed through the Coordinators of the 6 local chapters for a price.

AAE is also going to be setting up a business directory that only members can post their details to. Be sure to fill a spot for yourself by signing up to be a member!

We are working with the objective of seeking to enrich the vital values of entrepreneurship and socio-economic advancement. AAE seeks to work as an association that promotes a strong membership of bankable entrepreneurial skills. In addition, AAE also aspires to make available quality research and advocacy messages targeting the general public in a way that enhances the well-being of members and their business environments.

Keep your membership alive and avoid being blocked your access to these resources. Be sure to make your membership payment through the Global Giving AAE Membership Project page!

About Author: AAE Team