We are  accepting application from volunteers for the role of Support Volunteer Member (SVM). This a special level of membership, reserved for National Representatives or persons intending to establish a national chapter. SVMs enjoy the following:

  • Letter of Certification reflecting SVM status;
  • SVM qualify to establish a chapter in their country of residence;
  • SVM shall represent AAE at the national level and at international stakeholder dialogue and policy-making circles.
  • Free dynamic website hosted on the AAE website
  • Admission to SVM-only networking events and meetings

Support Volunteer Members are expert members tasked with delivering entrepreneurial support services to local members/entrepreneurs and enabling local participation in the activities of the association.

Typically, applicants must be based in the national territory in which they serve and currently engaged or  have a long standing record of service or assistance to entrepreneurs on a personal or professional basis. The SVM would be asked to participate in developing and setting up a support system for members within assigned national territory.

Individuals registered as SVMs enjoy a guiding role, supervision and organizational support from AAE.
SVMs will have access to AAE organized regular training and information, and support resources as well as forums and meetings for sharing of experiences and best practice. Minimum commitment is one year at up to 5 hours a week.  Tenure renewal is due in three years. We would like successful members to work with us indefinitely as long as possible.

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