ye   Boost Program for Young Entrepreneurs


The AAE/CYFI Ye! Boost Program is a one-year program for young entrepreneurs from Ghana. It provides training, coaching, networking and international exchange opportunities to help you build your business and grow it.  The highlight of the program is the one-week Ye! Social Enterprise Boost Camp in Amsterdam , the Netherlands.


Why should I join Ye?

The program offers various activities, you can

  • Learn about how to build a successful social business by connecting with experienced professionals, business leaders and successful entrepreneurs, from the 6 online seminars we organize throughout the year
  • Further develop your business skills by participating in our 3 local workshops
  • Receive one-on-one coaching by an expert who will guide you in making your startup a success
  • Receive a scholarship to attend the Ye! Social Enterprise Boost Camp in Amsterdam; learn how to accelerate your social business, network with European entrepreneurs and pitch to investors!



To apply for the activities of the Boost Program, you need to Register at the Ye! Community.You can find in the following how to apply for each activity.



Online Seminars

To participate in one of Ye! online seminars, you can register here.

  • Seminar 1: From idea to action – How to select the most feasible business idea (closed)
  • Seminar 2: Business ethics: vision, mission and objectives (closed)
    Speaker: Miguel Sanchez de Pedro, Managing Partner of OxValue Advisers SRL
    Date: 9:00~10:00 GMT, Jun 30
  • Seminar 3: 10 things you should do to run your startup (Sign up for this seminar here)
    Speaker: Felix Gonzalez Herranz, Founder of Juntosalimos
    Date: 9:00~10:00 GMT, Jul 9
  • Seminar 4: Financing options for startups (Sign up for this seminar here)
    Speaker: Key Portilla-Kawamura, Co-Founder of Studio Banana
    Alisée de Tonnac, CEO of Seedstars World
    Date: 9:00~10:00 GMT, Jul 17


Develop practical business skills to run your startup

How to prepare your elevator pitch (Sign up for this workshop here)
Date: 9:00-12:00 (Local time), Jun 22
Location: MBA Conference Room of the Catholic Institute of Business and Technology, Accra, Ghana

Learn how to introduce your company quickly and compellingly with Lisa Freiburg and Eric Osei, Trainer Consultants at the West Africa office of MDF Training & Consultancy.

For more info, click here.

* The online seminars and workshops are open to all entrepreneurs but there’s limited space.  So please register as early as possible to guarantee a spot!



The one-on-one coaching is offered through the Ye! Coaching program. For more information about the program and to apply, you can visit Ye! Coaching.


Ye! Social Enterprise Boost Camp

A one-week event in Amsterdam (Oct 12-16, 2015) providing business acceleration trainings and networking opportunities to the 10 most promising (social) entrepreneurs from the three countries. The event will end with a pitching event where the entrepreneurs have opportunities to pitch to European investors. Scholarships will be provided for the 10 selected entrepreneurs to  visit Amsterdam.

Eligibility for the Boost Camp

To be eligible to participate in the Boost Camp, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Between 16 and 30 years’ old
  • Possess nationality from Ghana.
  • Have a (social) business which provides an innovative solution to address a challenge in your community, particularly in the field of: agriculture, education, IT, health and clean energy
  • The business must be legally incorporated


10 Scholarships available for Boost Camp in Amsterdam!

We offer 10 scholarships for the most innovative entrepreneurs from Ghana, including:

  • 2 full scholarships: covering your returned flights from Ghana to the Netherlands, your accommodation in Amsterdam and the participation fees of the Boost Camp
    * one full scholarship will be awarded to the entrepreneur that wins the video competition!
  • 8 partial scholarships: covering your returned flights from Ghana to the Netherlands, your accommodation in Amsterdam. You only need to pay for a discounted participation fee of EUR 300 for the Boost Camp
    * The amount of votes your video gets on the Ye! website will be one of the key criteria in determining who gets the partial scholarships!

Application Process

  1. Registration: Register a Ye! Account and complete your profile
  2. Make a 2-minute video to pitch your startup and upload it to Ye! though this link

We suggest you to include the following in your video:
– what is your business idea and the problem you are solving
– what is innovative about your solution
– what is the potential social impact
– and of course, we want to learn about you!

  • Promote your video and get as many votes for your video on the Ye! website!

Selection Process

  1. Pre-selection: The Ye! team will perform a pre-selection based on the motivation letter and the video. If you are selected, the video will be published on your Ye! profile page.
  2. Selection: We’ll select one entrepreneur who has the most votes on his/her video to receive the full scholarship. The other entrepreneurs will be selected based on a review on their business concept, the number of votes the video receives, the scalability of the business, and the quality of the video.

* We might invite some applicants for a phone interview.

  1. Announcement: The 10 finalists will be announced on Aug 21st and receive the scholarship!


You can submit your video until 31st July, 2015


For more information:

Cornelius Nartey (Ghana):
Phone: +233 24 3785324

Jie Xue (Netherlands)
Phone: +3120 5203 900

About Author: AAE Ghana Team