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The Association of African Entrepreneurs was founded in May 2004 in Accra, Ghana. The Association is formally registered under the Ghanaian Companies Code, 1963 (Act 179).
The rationale behind it’s formation is a recognition of the fact that Africa has a large number of severely needy, marginalized yet enterprising people, whose efforts towards a better tomorrow are hampered by illiteracy, unfavorable economic policies and poor enterprise support infrastructures. As a result of this unfavorable environment, the focus of many Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) has shifted from entrepreneurship and value-creation to petty trading, thus perpetuating economic stagnation. In Ghana, MSMEs employ between one to five people, accounting for roughly 70% of the Ghanaian labor force. Given the large proportion of human resources employed in these MSMEs, it is safe to assume that the success of these ventures plays a crucial role in large-scale growth and development in the region. An assistance program to improve the competitiveness and prospects of these ventures therefore seemed important. The Association of African Entrepreneurs was thus formed to investigate and explore appropriate solutions to these issues


The mandate of AAE is to provide an environment for entrepreneurs in Africa to grow and develop their business and themselves. AAE encourages entrepreneurs to support each other, to enhance recognition of the achievement of African entrepreneurs and to promote the growth of African enterprise through research and information sharing.

AAE is pledged to the highest ethical standards and professional practices, recognised local and global environmental and social issues and is committed to the concept that African Entrepreneurs are well suited to offer solutions for these issues.


  • To reintroduce innovative attitudes and to reform structures that mitigate entrepreneurship by enabling a participatory process that involves and includes entrepreneurs.
  • To make regional advocacy campaign contributions that can support and encourage entrepreneurship
  • To work in close consultation with the various government institutions for the promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • To establish, organize and support or implement development programs aimed at promoting and nurturing innovation and entrepreneurial spirit amongst members

Until 2012, AAE Ghana operated as the only AAE Chapter. It registered local as well as international members through its website. By the end of 2012 317 persons have the join the association as Trial/Online Members. Trial/Online Membership is offered through the AAE website to allowing people to register free of charge and to enjoy the minimum level of benefits including access to annual situational country reports. Trial members may choose to upgrade to Ordinary membership or become Members through a chapter in a different country.

AAE Ghana began recruiting Member Support Volunteers (MSVs) in various countries to assist in providing member support to local members.  MSVs assist in the formation of a local chapters and help coordinate development activities locally. Members registered with another chapters are accorded the same previledges as Ordinary members. Membership programs may differ from country to country as local conditions may require, especially in terms of criteria, cost and range of benefits.


AAE undertakes research on Africa business environment and publishes reports annually, offering members and supporters access to these reports. The reports enables entrepreneurs to make informed decisions by offering detailed information on available resources, economic status, risks and ideal ventures; and advice on how to work on how to work constructively with local governments and communities each country in Africa.

The research theme is Hopes and Mirages, an exploration of newly arising prospects and opportunities in African countries for SME entrepreneurs, the engagement of local entrepreneurs and the management of community resources. This give a picture of the current situation of African SMEs and explore the arising hopes and mirages of African entrepreneurs in the second decade of this millennium.


AAE Ghana http://www.aaeafrica.org/ghana
AAE Main http://www.aaeafrica.org

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