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hopesmirages300x1501Hopes and Mirages is an exploration of newly arising prospects and opportunities in African countries for SME entrepreneurs, the engagement of local entrepreneurs and the management of community resources. This give a picture of the current situation of African SMEs and explore the arising hopes and mirages of African entrepreneurs in the second decade of this millennium.

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Award-winning Project

The AAE team that assembled the articles and publications were selected for the 2012 and 2013 United Nations Volunteers (UNV) Online Volunteering Awards.

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The African Association of Entrepreneurs (AAE) is committed to the development of a vibrant, innovative, global entrepreneur community. For ten years, AAE has focused efforts to bring the world to Africa and Africa to the world.

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Hopes & Mirages | Call for Articles

We are happy to announce that AAE will be assembling articles that will analyse the green business environments of all African countries. Titled in pursuit of the theme of Greening Africa for Business: Hopes and Mirages, this compilation will comprise a plethora of articles that will serve to:

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