Vision & Aims

AAE’s vision is to create the voice of change and platform for dialogue among the African people as well as involve the international audience to have a role in helping developing nations promote the entrepreneurial spirit.

Mission Objectives

  • To reintroduce innovative attitudes and to reform structures that mitigate entrepreneurship by enabling a participatory process that involves and includes entrepreneurs.
  • To make regional advocacy campaign contributions that can support and encourage entrepreneurship
  • To work in close consultation with the various government institutions for the promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • To establish, organize and support or implement development programs aimed at promoting and nurturing innovation and entrepreneurial spirit amongst members


Africa is home to many severely needy and marginalized but enterprising individuals. These people subsist in low-income communities. They are affected by unfavorable economic policies, illiteracy and poor enterprise support infrastructure.

Over the last decade the focus of many Micro, Small and Medium enterprises (MSMEs), has shifted from entrepreneurship to a proliferation of petty trading.  Read more.

Annual Reports

Annual Report 2010

Annual Report 2011

Our Strategy

Entrepreneurs are an essential component of wealth creation. They help grow prosperity in communities and nations. In turn, their actions are part of the solution to alleviating poverty. They are a vital piece of this puzzle that cannot be completed by government and international NGOs alone.
However, for entrepreneurs to achieve success it is necessary to foster a productive business environment. One in which information is freely available and cooperation between decentralized, specialized and knowledgeable organizations & individuals is widespread and encouraged. Read more.

Member Support Volunteers

Member Support Volunteers (MSVs) are experts in charge of promoting and providing support for local members/entrepreneurs and co-ordinating development activities in a national territory. AAE and MSVs identify the basic services, and any agreed upon optional services, to be provided locally by the MSV. Click here to find a local MSV.

Our Service Types

  • We provide news and information that will benefit members and this comes in the form of articles, newsletters, research and current news.
  • We also serve as a venue for public and private dialogue and advocacy.
  • We provide education and training in other ways of alternative learning among young people from low-income families who are unable to afford the traditional classroom learning. This will involve apprenticeship, self-study and we incorporate the value of self-employment as this is the starting point of small and medium enterprises. We will assist them in the necessary skills and knowledge to run a small business. Read more.
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